In The Classroom

Leveraging Technology

In an ever-changing world, it's more important than ever that our students are prepared to bring knowledge and skills to solve problems, make sense of information, and know how to gather and evaluate evidence to make decisions. Explore how technology is helping Northeast students reach this goal and show their mastery of a subject through personalized, creative expression. 


Business and Engineering

C208C5EA-9B09-4B16-9E7E-38900C5CAC3C.jpgComputer technology instructor Natasha Lewis wants to make learning fun and engaging for her students.  As an Information Systems Technology Instructor, Mrs Lewis uses the iPad in a way that challenges students to think outside the box and meet the demands of a dynamic and evolving workforce.  Whether its in the areas of Cyber Defense, iOS App Development, or Extended Reality (XR) students experience meaningful and transformative learning opportunities that inform, inspire, and empower students.


Division of Mathematics and Sciences

For astronomy instructor, Dr. George Nock, the sky is the limit, and with the college's iPad initiative, students can explore the sky even more.  Dr. Nock has students download the app SkyView Lite to their iPad during his astronomy class and sends them out at night on a celestial scavenger hunt.  With the aid of the app, students are tasked with finding different constellations, planets, stars, and other objects in the night sky such as the Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station (ISS).  Dr. Nock has also harness the power of augmented reality to personalize lessons and bring the solar system into the classroom.

Mrs. Helen Thompson, Mathematics Instructor, has discovered a better delivery system with the iPad.  Students are able to access their OER (Open Educational Resources) and other supplemental material such as video lessons, notes, and practice problems using their iPad.  It has created an equitable environment whereby all students have access to course materials on the first day of class.  It has also improved her own workflow.  Mrs. Thompson can accomplish all classroom management tasks from her iPad and saves time for more direct instruction.


HelenThompson.jpgOn a personal level, the use of the iPad simplifies the organization of every aspect of my instruction and professional duties.  I prepare and present notes, set up lessons, refer to my OER ebooks, airdrop documents, deal with the grade book, take roll, and handle by professional communications straight from my one device.

Helen Thompson


Division of Languages and Humanities

Similar to other instructors, Dr. Justin Treolar, Division Head and Speech Instructor, has embraced the iPad and the access it allows to course materials.  Dr. Treolar is an advocate for OER and uses it in his courses.  Northeast's ability to give each student fair and equal access to technology across each gender, racial, or economic demographic levels the playing field for each student who steps foot on our campus.  By being one Dr. Treolar with student.jpgof the leaders in OER, Dr. Treolar has played a vital role in saving students millions of dollars when they choose to come to Northeast.  With the most recent numbers, the average textbook at Northeast has dropped below $26 per book.  Before OER, the average cost of a textbook was over $200.  The savings in just one semester, thanks to the iPad initiative and OER, are helping students receive a high quality college education that otherwise might not have been financially possible.