Workforce Training

Customized Training

Training needs, even on the same topic, can vary within the fluid work environment of most business and industry. It is our goal to design and customize the funding and facilitation of training to meet the needs of each organization. The customization may involve curriculum, training site, and choice of instructors. Most training occurs at your location, but classrooms, meeting rooms, and laboratories are available at college facilities located in each county. It is the goal of our division to customize a training plan to assist you with any training needs that develop job skills of associates and improve the stability of the company. We will assist with the location of instructors, who may be college faculty, vendors, division staff, or specialized trainers. Many of the best trainers are located within the industry. In those we can reimburse the industry directly for some or all of the trainers’ salaries.

Consortium Training

When a company has fewer than the required state minimum of ten participants in a training area, the Workforce Division attempts to locate other companies and individuals needing the same training. The training is scheduled at a convenient location once the class size meets State guidelines.

Pre-Employment Training

One of the major costs in a new business start-up is employee turnover. When requested, we use the Smart Start curriculum to match candidates with jobs and/or orient them for future jobs. This curriculum may include topics such as work ethics, appropriate dress, job expectations, and technical skill requirements. Candidates who fail to meet such requirements as promptness, regular attendance, and cooperativeness are filtered from the program. Further, we offer basic manufacturing skills training to improve a person’s performance in print-reading, measuring instruments, quality systems, production systems and project management. Our Manufacturing Academy training includes both Smart Start and basic manufacturing skills and is offered monthly across all five counties.

Pre-Employment Screening

Northeast will work with organizations to develop a screening process that provides objective results used in determining whether a candidate meets job requirements. The National Career Readiness Certificate (available as part of the Smart Start Program) indicates a person’s ability in applied math, graphic literacy and workplace documents. Job PASS provides evidence of a person’s physical ability to do various tasks.

Safety and Health Training

Occupational safety and health training reduces employee injuries and illness, significant areas in productivity and profitability. We offer resources to provide training and support in such areas as forklift operation and safety, bloodborne pathogens 1st Aid/CPR, hazard communication, ergonomics, 1st Responder, lockout/tagout, fire safety, hazardous materials, personal protective equipment, etc. We also offer an online OSHA10 course.

Short Term Training

Various non-credit short term classes are available to meet local demands for new and upgraded skills. These classes are open to people of all ages and skill levels. Following is a listing of typically offered courses; however, other courses will be developed and offered if there is sufficient demand. Typical courses are Emergency Medical Technician Basic, Emergency Medical Technician Refresher, Certified Nurse Assistant, Emergency Vehicle Driving Certification, Medical Billing, 1st Responder, ServSafe, Reserve Law Enforcement Officer, QuickBooks, etc.

Rapid Response

This is an early intervention service offered to the employees of companies experiencing major layoffs or plant closings. A team comprised of representatives from all pertinent local and state agencies offering potential assistance is mobilized. This team meets with the workers to make them aware of all available services, from job searches to new training, to assist them in securing new employment.

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