Campus AED Locations

Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) are a proven method of reducing morbidity and mortality from sudden cardiac arrest (heart attack). An AED is a device that attaches to a victim’s chest to assess the heart’s rhythm and, if needed, automatically recommends whether or not a shock be delivered to correct the heart’s rhythm. An adult who has just undergone sudden cardiac arrest is most likely in urgent need of defibrillation. A metered electrical charge can often restore the heart to healthy function and save a life. To provide a realistic chance of survival, defibrillation must be available soon after cardiac arrest.

This map shows all of the AED locations on campus. Additional AEDs have been purchased and are in the process of being installed.  We will update this map once the installation is complete.

Athletic Facilities

  • Baseball Field - Locker Rooms
  • Bonner Arnold Coliseum
  • Football Stadium - Field House

Classroom Facilities

  • Childers Hall
  • Patterson Hall - First Floor/Faculty Staff Restroom

Support Facilities

  • Burgess Activity Center - Left of Front Entrance/Front Desk
  • Eula Dees Memorial Library - Circulation Desk in the Reference Room
  • Ramsey Student Services Building - First Floor/ Information Desk
  • Student Union - Campus Police Office