Applying for Financial Aid

How to Apply

Submit College Application

Submit an application for admission to the college by reviewing the pathways available to determine your best path forward and then Apply.Explore Pathways | Apply Now

Apply for Federal Financial Aid

File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) listing the NEMCC college code (002426). The results of the FAFSA application (filed online or paper) will be transmitted electronically to the NEMCC Financial Aid Office; therefore, paper results (Student Aid Report SAR) need not be delivered to the school. Be sure to sign your FAFSA electronically using your PIN#. If you do not have a PIN#, print out your signature page, sign it, and mail it to the address listed on the signature page.

Gather Supporting Documents

Gather income documents to support the FAFSA financial information provided and respond promptly to any request from the NEMCC Office of Financial Aid for such documents.

Apply for Foundation Scholarships

The NEMCC Foundation has numerous scholarships available to help pay for educational expenses for individuals who need financial assistance. Applications for these Scholarships must be completed by March 15 of each year.

Explore Foundation Scholarships

Apply for Mississippi Resident Scholarships

Additional scholarships may be available for Mississippi residents through the Mississippi Office of Student Financial Aid.

Explore Available Assistance for Mississippi Residents 

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Meet the requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress, if the applicant has prior college credit.