Tiger DEN Food Pantry

Tiger D.E.N.(Delivering Every Need)

Welcome to Tiger DEN

All students that are registered in at least 3 hours in the current semester, are eligible to apply. Students must submit a form of financial aid eligibility either in person or online to be approved.

Please follow the directions below to apply for services. 

1. Fill out the Tiger DEN Application:

Tiger DEN Application

First time users, click the Application below to become approved for the Tiger DEN. You must submit an Award Offer from Financial Aid in order to receive services.

2. Submit an Award Offer from Financial Aid either online or in person:

Log into and choose the Financial Aid tab on the left-hand side. Select the Financial Aid Dashboard; here you can select Award Offer. You may print this off or take a screen shot of it. Once you have obtained your Financial Aid Award Offer, send it via email to or print it off and drop it by Patterson Office Suite 118 (Emily Pollard's office) in person. *If the door is closed, slide it under the door.

3. Fill out the Tiger DEN Request Form:

Tiger DEN Request Form

Once you have been approved, and received your Tiger Den #, you will receive a link to the request form. You must fill this out to receive services.

After your first month of utilizing the Tiger DEN services, you can simply click the Request Form below to choose your items-you do not have to fill out the application ever again. 

What is the Tiger DEN?

Northeast houses a food pantry, located in Hargett Hall, for student need called the Tiger DEN (Delivering Every Need). The purpose of the Tiger DEN is to provide supplemental food and other necessities to students in need. We know that it is hard to make ends meet when you are living on a tight budget and going to school, this is in place to help you achieve.

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