What can the WIOA program do for people who’ve been laid off or who just want to change careers?

Many services are offered for people who have been laid off, as well as people who just want to change careers. If you are interested in going to work, we can help you prepare a resume. We also share tips on filling out job applications, hints for interviewing, and your job search. Training opportunities are available to those who qualify through NEMCC, as well as many sole proprietors.

If I’m drawing unemployment benefits, can I enter the WIOA program for vocational or technical training and continue to draw my benefits?

Generally speaking, yes. We do recommend you talk with an Unemployment Insurance representative at MDES to ask specific questions regarding your situation.

Will it cost me anything to enter the WIOA program?

The only cost you owe WIA is your time, commitment, dedication, and cooperation.

If I enter the WIOA program, am I guaranteed to get financial aid of some kind?

You are not guaranteed financial assistance. You are guaranteed excellent customer service. We will answer all your questions, assist you with applications to training providers, and help you fill out your FAFSA, (Free Application for Financial Student Aid).

Will the WIOA program stay in contact with me?

Monthly contact is maintained throughout your training period. We want to ensure you are successful and that you are taking advantage of all of our services. Once you have graduated, we will be in contact with you only once per quarter for approximately one year.

If I get trained for a different career, will WIOA help me to find a job in that field after training?

Yes. All WIN Job Centers have on-site the Mississippi Employment Security Commission to assist you in finding a job. We also provide resources and equipment to help you find your new job online.

If I apply for and get a Pell grant for training purposes, can WIOA still help?

You are required to apply for a Pell grant before seeking WIOA services. Our staff can assist you in filling out the Pell for grant application. WIOA can still offer assistance for your training, depending on which training program you choose and if you meet all qualifications for the specific assistance.

What schools/organizations provide WIOA-approved training?

In addition to Northeast Mississippi Community College, there are numerous resources available to view online at www.mississippiworks.org. Once you click on Eligible Training Providers, you can search by WIOA area, course, provider, and county for an approved training provider and training program.

Does WIOA partner with other organizations which might offer me assistance?

WIOA partners with many organizations both formally and informally. Some of our partners include the NEMCC Workforce Division (which includes Workforce Training, Adult Ed, and Continuing Ed), Mississippi Department of Employment Security, Vocational Rehabilitation, Adult Basic Education, Experience Works, Lift, Inc., Community Action, and the Department of Human Services. WIOA exists to try to meet the needs of all of our clients.